We firmly believe that any innovation starts with cooperation with global partners, and the exchange of each other’s ideas has led to many pioneering applications.
We respect the orders and rules of each country, and actively promote the development of international networks on this premise.

Our customers and partners are from more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, Asia and North America, from governments and pharmaceutical companies to scientific research institutions and online sales platforms. We embrace the changes in the global business environment with a proactive spirit of innovation.


We insist on being customer-oriented, and meeting and satisfying customer needs are our responsibility. Our professional team provides 24-hour service, promotes your products to every corner of the world, and realizes for you the true value of your products. We focus on market dynamics and analyze market trends, as well as timely feedback on this relevant information to our customers in order to ensure their long-term interests.



We have long been working closely with many foreign pharmaceutical wholesalers, logistics service providers, and customs of different countries. Each of our shipments is GDP compliant and traceable, with cold chain capabilities. With years of practical experience, we have developed a standardized process to ensure that the goods are delivered to every corner of the world with the fastest speed, the best service quality and the most reasonable price.


We can provide “one-stop“ service, from the suggestion of procurement plans, implementing specific procurement details, handling SPC, COA, COO, BSE/TSE, and other related documents, to logistics and customs clearance, as well as post-customer service and market support.
We take every inquiry seriously, whether it’s a bulk or just a small purchase.
We will regularly report the entire service process so that customers know the progress of the project well.


Our Specialty

We are the sole European contracted partner of Kyuan Trading, a subsidiary of Shanghai Pharma (the Fortune Global 500) responsible for overseas procurement. Furthermore, we are also as a European purchasing agent for several Chinese pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions. We are responsible for bulk procurement of prescription drugs and OTCs for the huge Chinese market, as well as the procurement of reference listed drugs (RLDs)/comparators for scientific research and clinical trials. We are willing to cooperate with partners from various countries to promote the distribution of medicines around the world.