About us

Founded in 2009, Chinovo GmbH is becoming a leading wholesaler of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, with its headquarters in Düsseldorf.

Our mission is to promote diverse businesses such as supply chain extension services, health management services, international trade and distribution.

Chinovo’s core business is the distribution of pharmaceuticals, which will also be realized in the form of “Smart Medicine” and “German Pharma E-Commerce” in the future. We are committed to promoting the mobility of original drugs, generic drugs and APIs in the global market, their availability in non-registered countries, and the openness of information exchange in the fields of scientific research and application.

We strictly follow the rules and regulations of each country, and embrace opportunities and changes along with them. Our team is professional, responsible and strong in execution, and will assist you in expanding your business in China and provide you with the best service experience.

The company has been engaged in the field of pharmaceuticals in the EU and has maintained good cooperative relations with partners from research institutes, CROs to pharmaceutical manufacturers at all levels.





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